5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 05 2012

It's been exactly one week since Joe Fresh opened its flagship doors on Fifth Avenue — and with the mannequins posed so stylishly cool inside the architectural glass, we just hope they let us sit with them (yes, this is a Mean Girls reference). (Joe Fresh)
Ryan Gosling is just one celebrity guardian demigod man, he can only be in one place at one time. Therefore, he can't protect us from downtown street toughs if he's thwarting careless cabdrivers on the UES. Luckily, photoshop solves that problem! (Gothamist)
Cancel that July 15th weekend away at Fire Island — the money's better spent elsewhere. Tom Ford's gorg designer duds with mega price tags are coming to the Woodbury Common outlets, AKA, discount heaven. (Fashionista)
On a more somber note, 18 years to the date of Kurt Cobain's death, Jesse Frohman's iconic photographs of the singer will go up at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in Soho tonight. Frohman honors the singer, and trust, the photos will not disappoint Cobain's fans. (Grandlife)
A New York architectural icon is on the market, and surprise surprise, it costs more than a Caribbean island. The Woolworth Building gets better with age, climbing to a $500 million asking price. Who's in? (NYPost)
Photo: Courtesy of Joe Fresh