Never Worry What Makeup To Wear For A Job Interview Again

Whether you’re fresh outta college or 10 years into your career, job interviews can be seriously scary. But, like all things in life, they're all about preparation when it comes to your résumé, references, and yes — even your makeup.
As much as we support an individualistic approach to beauty, what works during your off-hours may not cut it at your 9-to-5. And, since an interview serves as your first face-to-face interaction with a would-be employer, it’s important to find the balance right off the bat.
That said, the line between appropriate and inappropriate is often determined by your industry: Makeup that’s frowned upon in a field like finance could be considered totally tame in retail.
So, to investigate the best interview makeup across different fields, we spoke to hiring managers and HR professionals from seven industries. Read up on their surprising dos and don'ts, ahead.

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