Video: Inside Joan Rivers’s Very, Very Old Closet

Joan Rivers' Upper East Side closet houses an unsurprising array of baubles, furs, sequined blazers, and black basics that are as fossilized and she claims to be. That's not to say that we're not secretly intrigued by the peek inside her wardrobe tomb, but it's pretty much exactly what we'd expect. She adds fur to already blinged-out pieces, she has drawers and drawers of costume jewelry, and, of course, high-end bags that live next to her own QVC label. The most startling part of the closet tour (and perhaps the most outdated) is her use of (gasp!) wire hangers. As Rivers says, "fashion is supposed to be fun," but trust, there's nothing fun about all of your favorite wearables slipping off dry-cleaning hangers and ending up on the floor. Still, we love her playful, self-deprecating attitude, her admission that she carries fake bags (courtesy of her daughter Melissa), and her penchant to make over-the-top looks (think Valentino) even more over the top. Check out the video below and confirm your suspicions. (Time Out NY)

Photo and Video: Courtesy of Time Out NY