Style Blogger Jinna Yang Streamlines Your Night-Out Prepping

Yes, dressing up for a night out can give you a great, electric charge. But — oh — selecting the right pieces can take more time than you’ll actually spend at that great gallery event or chic club. To help you navigate your closet in time to be just fashionably late (instead of late late), the social and fashion butterfly, style blogger Jinna Yang of Grease and Glamour, takes you through the process of how she put together her favorite on-the-town look in less time than it takes to boil an egg.
Photos: Courtesy of Jinna Yang.
"Being a style blogger in New York City, my work and social life have quickly become a roller-coaster of press events, dinner parties, and cocktail hours. That's why it's always important to look and feel my best. No matter where the night takes me, however, the first stop is always my closet.
"Picking out what to wear almost always takes longer than actually getting dressed. So, I came up with a few ways to make it easier for you to get out of that closet and into the party faster:
"First, start with the shoes. Whether you're networking during cocktail hour or doing the MC Hammer on the dance floor afterwards, you want to make sure your feet are comfortable. I can't stress it enough. I always go straight to my closet to see what shoes will be both stylish and comfortable, and then build my wardrobe around it. I decided to go with my Zara rose-gold stilettos. They're minimal, but the rose-gold straps add a touch of glam. They're not too high, so I knew I wouldn't be limping around on my way home.
"Next, start pulling the pieces. This is where the battle begins. It's a smoother process for me to figure out what to wear if I have already chosen my shoes. I narrowed it down to three dresses that would work with the heels I chose. The simpler your dress, the more you can (and should) play up the shoes. The simpler the shoes, the more you can play up the dress. I wanted a color that would compliment the heels, and this LuLu's peplum minidress was a bold salmon color — deep orange and gold tones go so well together. Although not over-the-top, the dress still had an edgy appeal that made my look fresh, season-appropriate, and fun.
"Finally, add a bit of bling with accessories. I always add accessories on last to make sure that I don't overdo it. My quilted nude Bally bag was subtle, and the gold chain made my shoulder sparkle. A simple gold H&M necklace and stackable ASOS bangles added a nice finish."

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