Gender-Neutral Vibrator Goes On Your Fingers, & Then...Anywhere

If it hasn't happened yet, soon all of us, just barely done recuperating from the barrage of December holidays, will be awash in hearts, cherubs, candy, love, glitter, and bears holding possibly obscene messages. 'Cuz, guys, whether you want it to or not, Valentine's Day is coming.
Yet, instead of an expensive, pressure-filled dinner or plying your significant other with Veuve, Jimmyjane suggests that you, ya know, touch them instead. The brand that helped turn sex toys into objets d'art has just introduced the Hello Touch, a $65 fingertip device that literally puts the motion at your fingers. Instead of looking like some sort of creepy iteration of the gloves from Minority Report, the little portable "massagers" are gender neutral, and can be used, well, anywhere.
Ditching plastic and glitter for intuitive design, Jimmyjane actually makes products we wouldn't be embarrassed to be caught with — partnering with people like Yves Behar or ACE Hotel to create something beautiful (and usable). But this his-or-hers approach to personal pleasure is kind of ingenius for those who are looking to satisfy their partners — or themselves — this Valentine's Day.
Photo: Courtesy of Jimmyjane

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