How Jill Flint Keeps Her Skin So Flawless

jill flint intro embedPhotographed by Tina Turnbow.
Whether Jill Flint is playing a heartthrob FBI agent on The Good Wife or, most recently, a doctor on The Night Shift, one thing has remained clear: her skin. Yes, she's a talented actress, but as beauty people, we can't help but focus on her radiant complexion and ponder where her pores are hiding.
So, rather than wonder forever, we asked Flint's makeup artist Tina Turnbow to chat with the actress about her beauty routine. Combined with photos Turnbow took of Flint during their interview, we almost feel like we got to hang out with Flint herself. Almost.
Click through to learn how Flint stays gorgeous and to check out the intimate portraits Turnbow snapped at the actress's Brooklyn apartment.

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jill flint embed 1Photographed by Tina Turnbow.
"What are the most critical parts of your skin-care regimen?"
"Water, sleep, exercise, veggies, repeat."
"What skin-care products do you splurge on, and what do you save on?"
"My skin is a pest. It's oily and sensitive, so the summer months are brutal for me. I splurge on sunscreen and serums that will keep my skin protected and lightly moisturized without breaking me out, like Just Skin, a tinted moisturizer by Chantecaille. It has SPF and naturally evens out my skin tone.
"I save on soap. Cetaphil and Dove soap are my go-to for my face and body. They are both gentle and get the job done without breaking me out. My grandmother always used Dove and her skin is lovely."
jill flint embed 2Photographed by Tina Turnbow.
"Is there a special skin treatment or facial that you find effective?"
"Right now I am all about the HydraFacial at The Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Group. It unclogs your pores by literally sucking the gunk out of them. There are no extractions, so you leave the office fresh faced. You glow for days."
"Do you have any style or beauty icons that inspire you?"
"If Jane Birkin and Audrey Hepburn had a baby. Actually, doesn’t that make a Charlotte?"
jill flint final embedPhotographed by Tina Turnbow.
"The Night Shift is filmed in New Mexico. Do you make any adjustments in your skin-care routine for that climate?"
"The desert works for me. The dry air keeps my skin in check. However, I did need to buy a hat to protect my face. That sun is strong. I was the weirdo hopping from one shady spot to the other to avoid standing in the sun for too long."
"Even calm folks are finding themselves yelling at their TV screens when watching the show. What is it that inspires the viewers to react in such a way and make this season such a hit?"
"I love that people were freaking out, yelling at their TV. We must be doing something right. The cast became good friends while shooting the first season and I think our friendships show on screen, so in a way, people root for us. The on-set vibe was so positive and upbeat. Now we are fortunate enough to have a positive and growing fan base."

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