Jewelry We Actually Want Guys To Wear

We're big fans of Meredith Kahn, and our like turned to love after getting an inside look at her chic pad. Well now she's ramping up our love to obsession with her newest offering, Dess Homme, a line of studly men's jewelry that's a collaboration with her husband, Norman Rabinovich. And while bling on men can conjure up images of Ronny D shirtless with a crystalized-out skull on a faux-platinum chain nestled between his juiced-up pecs (lost our train of thought for a hot second), Kahn's masculine, timeless pieces would never be on Jersey Shore. There's rugged ID bracelets, antiqued silver rings with black diamonds, and double-string necklace with a tusk that's not SoHo street-vendor style. Dudes, we're not advocating piling it all on, but invest in a couple clutch items—you can pass on 'em to junior, or better yet, us.

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