Travel With These 10 Things & Pack Jet Lag Away For Good

Our circadian rhythms get all out of whack when we travel through time zones, which makes traversing oceans and continents — enriching and enjoyable as it is — pretty exhausting. When you land at your destination, or back at home, jet lag, travel fatigue, bloating, tension, disorientation, irritation, dehydration, and sleeplessness all come together in the perfect storm of vacation misery. Ugh.
And look, we all deal with long airplane rides in different ways. Some of us are angelic and avoid salty foods, caffeine, and alcohol. Others add a melatonin pill into the mix to help with shuteye. Many go for the one-two punch of prescription sleep aids followed by strong coffee. Others, those of us who shall remain nameless, guzzle wine, pop on an eye mask, and pray for the best. Before you reach for the usual suspects on your next red eye, consider the all-natural alternatives ahead — they're our little secrets for landing refreshed.
If you've packed any of the aromatherapy, vitamin, floral, or homeopathic remedies gathered here, you can put your focus back on the fun to be had while away. Which, to us, feels like a much better use of your vacation days than staving off headaches with your hotel room's blackout shades pulled.

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