Jessica Simpson Has A Million-Dollar Beauty Routine

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Today in news that makes us groan, Jessica Simpson spends approximately one million dollars per year on beauty. As New Zealand news site TVNZ reported, an anonymous source said Simpson's treatments include: eyelash-extension touch-ups ($1,000 per week), bust enhancements ($50,000 per year on chest massages and breast-enlargement cream), cellulite-zapping lasers ($2,000 per month), an on-call hairstyling team ($230,000 per year), and lots of tanning ($1,000 per week). And, that's just the tip of the well-groomed iceberg.
Simpson's routine, in all its high-maintenance glory, makes her the exact opposite of those celebrities who claim to just drink lots of water to look flawless. So, on one hand, it's kind of nice to have confirmation that appearing ridiculously put-together all the time is a serious investment. On the other hand, we hope she's dropping cash on things other than twice-weekly professional boob rubs — like, you know, charity.
But, honestly, if we had access to this kind of bottomless money pit, we're not sure we'd be able to stop ourselves from spending a solid chunk of it on beauty (minus the tanning). As long as it's part of a budget that includes giving back to the world, well, why not? Sure, it sounds moderately exhausting, but it's part of her job to look good.
Click to read the full breakdown of Simpson's pricey habit, and let us know if it's giving you feelings. (TVNZ)

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