5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 07 2012

The Linsanity continues! A Jeremy Lin action figure that costs $2,500 has already sold out. Sorry to get your hopes up, but we're sure you'll find another way to spend that two grand. (Gothamist)
If you're a smoker and even thinking about quitting (we're not preaching, but you totally should), one city program wants to help. NYC Quits is giving out free (that means there are officially no excuses) nicotine patches and gum now through March 16. (Brokelyn)

Our very own Pat Kiernan (of NY1 and
Sh*t New Yorkers Say
fame) will audition for Regis's spot on Live this morning and we couldn't be happier. We're really excited to see how it clicks with Kelly, too, Pat — really excited. (FishbowlNY)

Good news for those of us failing The New York Times crossword puzzle recently — we're not getting dumber, the Times are just a-changing. One puzzle-creator switched things up last month by using the word "illin" on one of his games, which caused one puzzled reader to write in and spark a world-wide (web) debate. (Gawker)
Megan Fox showed up in New York this week looking more grown-up and classic than we've ever seen her (and we love it!). What do you think — are you feeling Fox's foxy tone-down or do you miss the old Meg? (Cut Blog)

Photo via Gothamist