Jennifer Lopez On American Idol: Rad Or Bad?

So apparently, when it comes to American Idol, Ellen's out, J-Lo's in. Though Fox hasn't confirmed it, we read that Jennifer Lopez is set to be a judge on the show on Us Weekly's website, so it must be true! Which leads us to ask, what do you think of our very own Bronx babe sitting on AI's block? Her career seems to have taken a somewhat weird turn lately, from an underwhelming album about a whole lotta Louboutins to what should have been straight-to-DVD The Back-up Plan , so maybe this will add some more junk to her work trunk. Though we long for the good old days—anyone remember Out Of Sight—she could maybe make next season better than this year's snoozefest, especially if Steven Tyler (who's reportedly in talks to fill Simon Cowell's slot) comes with. But, what do you think? Is she radding out, or making a baddie? (Us Weekly)
Oh, ps, we couldn't resist ourselves. Give yourself a daily diversion (and a blast from the past), if you dare. There's something a little delicious about watching Bennifer smolder.