Attention Jennifer Lawrence: We Want To Be (Best) Friends With You!

We try our hardest not to get starstruck, but when we saw Jennifer Lawrence brunching outside of Peels on Sunday, just tables away from us, we let out an audible squeal. Sure, she was with Penn Badgley and Zoe Kravitz, but she seemed cool, normal, awkward even — which is why we buy her whole "I'm so nervous, I can't watch myself or conduct myself properly on the red carpet" act. It may not be an act at all. Watching her on Letterman last night, the young starlet was candid, quick, and self-deprecating (the makings of an amazing interview, if you ask us). Not only did she liken herself to a "shaking, peeing" Chihuahua who has to be reminded to "suck in" halfway down the red carpet (at the four premiers of
The Hunger Games
so far), but she also went so far as to call herself a "troll." The adorable anecdote that tops it all? When Lawrence talks of telling her brother there was paparazzi photog outside, only to find out it was a parked car: "I'm not as famous as I think I am.". And that's why we (really) love her! Check out the full video, and tell us if you're on board. (Stylelite)

Photo: Via Stylelite/Video: Via Youtube

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