Jay-Z Woulda Robbed Chris Martin But Now They’re BFFs

We're obsessed with Jay-Z and Chris Martin individually and together we think they're the cutest duo since they each married their wives (though besties Gwyneth and Beyonce give them a run for their major money) And, after seeing them together around town on Sunday, it's obvious that they're in one serious bromance. So, it's surprising that Jay claims if they met earlier in life he'd have robbed him, saying, "I would have been, ‘Yo! Who are you? Give me your money!'" Chris isn't buying it. He responded saying, "He wouldn’t have touched me then. He’s too sweet underneath." Awww! We think so, too! Now all this just leaves two questions: 1. Will Chris be the godfather of Jay and B's baby? and 2. Wanna hang next time you're in town (we all know this concrete jungle is the one where dreams are made of)? (Gothamist)

Photos: Via Gothamist