5 Things To Know This AM — Sep 30 2010

James Franco has bought the movie rights to
The Adderall Diaries
, which makes a lot of sense. How else does he have time to have 18 professions at the same time. (Observer)

We know that Beyonce likes to move her jello, but we kinda love that she crashed a street party and started an impromptu dance routine of The Wobble. Wonder if she was wearing one of her temp tattooos? (Daily Mail)
There's new renderings of the "Ground Zero" Mosque. We think it looks gorgeous, but, umm, we know a lot of people won't agree. (Gothamist)
Snooki is publishing the "Great American Novel." Right. Her book, oh-super-catchily called A Shore Thing!, will "have you falling in love at the shore," according to the reality star. We don't want to crush on anyone you do Snooks! (Gawker)
Seriously, who has the time to keep up with NYC's nightlife? So, if you need to get a quick update on the raddest new bars, we suggest you peep BlackBook's guide to what's hot this minute. (BlackBook)