Jake Gyllenhaal Rides The Subway, Sleeping People Don’t Notice

Ahhh, another classic example of stars actually acting like real-life humans! This time, it's New York actor-slash-stone-cold-hottie
Jake Gyllenhaal
, who's been spotted riding the subway of all things! To make matters richer, it seems in both instances, his fellow riders have been less than amused, taking to cat-naps during the commute, rather than snapping pics. Part of us wants to say, "Wake up! Look to your right! It's Donnie Darko!" and another part of us is like, "Way to play it cool guys, 'sleeping'...right." Either way, we definitely wouldn't be snoozing if he walked on to our subway car... That is, unless he wanted to cuddle up with us. (Buzzfeed)


Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed