Jake Gyllenhaal To Rough It, TV-Style On Man Vs. Wild

We'll be the very first to say that Jake Gyllenhaal is about as close to perfect as it gets—he's talented, funny, beautiful (duh), and can't you just tell he's the greatest guy? But he's putting himself to the ultimate test with an appearance on crazy thrill-seeker Bear Grylls' hardcore survival show. Jakey-Cakes and Bear will embark on what will undoubtedly be a grueling and terrifying adventure for the seventh season premiere of
Man Vs. Wild
. The unlikely pair will be heading to Iceland to face "some of the worst conditions known to man," and, in keeping with Bear tradition, they won't be leaving too easy—come hail or hypothermia. Will our beloved Golden Boy survive two whole days in a land as cold as the marble from which his chiseled features were cut? Tune in next month to find out! (Marie Claire)