5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 06 2011

Swiftenhaal lovers aren't gonna like this. Gothamist blames...wait for it...Park Slope as the reason Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal split. Apparently they should have stuck to Manhattan. (Gothamist)
Does Willow Smith have a rival? Chance Combs, Diddy's four-year-old daughter, sings and plays the piano. Sadly, however, she does not whip her hair back and forth. (Daily Mail)

Patti Stanger of
Millionaire Matchmaker
fame isn't always the nicest of people. She goes overboard, though, in the latest installment of our guilty pleasure, calling a client "plumpty-dumpty." Wonder how Stanger would describe herself. (Jezebel)

We know we talk about Snooki too much, but this little nugget is just too good to pass up. The Jersey Shore star would now like to called by her real name, Nicole, now that she's a serious author, with you know, a book called A Shore Thing out. Too bad it says Snooki on the cover. (Gawker)
Where was this one hiding?? Turns out that the Olsen twins' sister, Elizabeth, is all grown up and s-s-stunning. Check out her shoot in V magazine, it's good enough to pin above your desk. (The Cut)