It's A Good Thing: Martha Stewart, Fashion Photoblogger

Per usual, there were almost as many unshaven men with cameras as leggy women with handbags at Fashion Week. Fashion photoblogging has become an essential part of the industry and the speedy upward trajectory it offers to talented amateurs is a so tempting that even media caliphs like Martha Stewart cannot resist. Here, Mrs. Stewart does her best Patrick McMullen impression by posting her shots of the Marc Jacobs runway show last week, wherein she demonstrates some facility with capturing the catwalks and snapping celebs like Sean Avery, Vincent Gallo, and André Leon Talley at their least guarded (note the unflattering pic of Winona Ryder). Now, before you go off suggesting that a 67-year-old homemaking mogul doesn't quite have the edgy appeal of Cobrasnake or Face Hunter, just stop and remember that the chic served hard time in the Federal pen. Front on that, punks. (The Martha Blog)

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