5 Things To Know This AM — Feb 17 2012

Artist Frank Yamrus just debuted a series of portraits depicting his mid-life crisis at NYC's Clamp Gallery. As you might expect, there are a lot of blank stares (Cool Hunting)
It looks like the old Mount Morris Bank Building in Harlem might finally come back to life, thanks to a new plan to build six stories on top of the old city landmark. (City Room)
Next time you see a guy in the subway dancing with a hubcap or talking about the apocalypse, don't assume he's crazy — It might just be hipster performance art. (Animal New York)
People criticize New Yorkers for being grouchy and unpleasant. Maybe we just need to start turning our (Greek, Icelandic, low fat, but probably not fruit-on-the-bottom) yogurt into prozac. (PSFK)
Aww, Isabel Toledo doesn't like NYFW. That's okay — we still like you, Isabel Toledo. (T Magazine)

Photo: Via Cool Hunting