Is It Au Revoir For FNO?

You know we pretty much flip for all things FNO, so we're not sure how to feel about its potential demise. While overcrowded city streets and half-coherent sequined patrons aren't necessarily ideal (think: Finding a cab on New Year's Eve), at least FNO is (was?) all in the name of fashion, and so we've buckled up and given into the madness! Vogue insiders, however, are saying it's too much work and met with too little pay-off. Larger retailers complain that not enough revenue is generated, and so although the night may be beneficial for smaller boutiques, rumor has it that the city is ready to bid farewell to the outrageous evening. What do you think? Will FNO's departure be misty-eyed or not really missed at all? (Page Six)
Photo: Courtesy of Factory PR

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