Dandies Put Fort Greene On The NYC Style Map

If you love street style half as much as we do, zoom in on Fort Greene, home to a new gang of meticulous dressers. For style blogger Ludget Delcy and his group of well-polished readers and friends, dressing like a gentleman is a way of life. Delcy is a 24-year-old Haitian-American who helps make up a new crop of impeccably groomed black men in Fort Greene, skyrocketing its appeal as a neighborhood of in-the-know style stars. As far as challenging the usual stereotypes of urban black men (Delcy says they typically dress in "casual, oversized T-shirts"), Delcy and fellow Brooklynite, former Paul Smith rep, Jamiyl Young are two men that are killing it. Museum curator, Shantrelle P. Lewis agrees, "The only image in the media you see is of them looking thuggish." But innovators like Delcy and Young are changing all that, one well-fitted suit at a time. They also challenge high-style norms: “Fashion is wearing Gucci and Prada, and it’s rubbish. Great style is what you see in Fort Greene," says Young. And keeping our eyes peeled on the Fort Greene streets, it's obvious that the culture—and the clothes—have shifted dramatically; The well-tailored pieces, unmissable colors, and intricate details pay homage to an era when more men spent time choosing garments and getting dressed. So men, in Fort Greene and beyond, dandy up! (Blackbook)