5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 13 2012

We adored both the MAC and Warby Parker tributes to NYC darling Iris Apfel, but this Jimmy Choo? Somewhat questionable. (NY Mag)
You've probably had a sketchy roommate or two, but how would you like to live in an exclusive condo in Chelsea… that's also right next to a medium-security women's prison? (City Room)
During the next month, NASA is planning to study the atmosphere by launching several rockets into space, which you should be able to see from the city. (Animal New York)
Grossed out by cockroaches, mice, and other uninvited guests in your apartment? At least New York isn't coated by spiderwebs with hundreds of thousands of spiders living in them. Let's go ahead an utter a collective string of EW's. (Boing Boing)
Looks like an idea to replicate city water in order to have New York-style pizza and bagels elsewhere in the country has fallen through due to strained family ties, meaning we can continue to gloat about our doughy superiority. (Gothamist)

Photo: Via NY Mag