Knock-Off Brooches In Iris Apfel For HSN? Sea Of Shoes Thinks So

Who doesn't love some good ole' dirty sleuthing? In this case, much to the dismay of Home Shopping Network junkies everywhere, the lovely Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes has unmasked the ugly truth behind the much-touted jewelry collection of Iris Apfel for HSN. Jane, shocked and upset after receiving a distress signal from her friend, Natalie of Hanna Bernhard Jewelry, jumped to reveal to the world that the toucan brooch offered in Iris Apfel's collection is an undeniably close replica of a Hanna Bernhard toucan brooch Ms. Apfel owns and has even been photographed wearing. Now, Froot Loops cereal and Toucan Sam jokes aside, how did Ms. Apfel think she could get away with this? She is the epitome of style (remember her to-die-for NYC pad?) and we don't know what to make of the whole situation. We're sad to say though, the birds speak for themselves. A few words to the wise for future ginormous bird brooch knocker-offers everywhere: first, don't get photographed around town wearing your guilt on your shoulder, and second, beware because Jane Aldridge will catch you. This case is solved. Good work, Sea of Shoes.

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