5 Things To Know This Am — Aug 25 2011

Iris Apfel calls herself a "geriatric starlet," but we know she's always been one of the most glam girls in town. (New York Times)
The R29 office takes pizza very seriously. We hope, however, our passion for the pie will never result in violence like in this unfortunate incident. (Animal New York)
Looks like the next young starlet set to attend NYU is Dakota Fanning, though we can't help but agree with the Observer's question, "who needs school when you're in Marc Jacobs ads that fill glossy magazines?" (Observer)
A city rabbi seems to think that the recent earthquake was all about God getting mad about gay marriage. Come on, God, gay marriage was passed in New York weeks ago. Don't you have a twitter? (Huffington Post)
Speaking of earthquakes, a new charity event benefiting victims still suffering in Japan may be taking place between Takashi Murakami's Kaikai Kiki company and Christie's auction house, as well as several other artists. (Hype Beast)