Skin-Care Secrets From Around The World

From the pristine, blue waters of Greece to the skyscrapers of Tokyo, the world we live in is a vast and (at times) overwhelmingly varied place. Sometimes, our differences are subtle. (You say tomato, I say tomah-toh; we say potato, they say pomme de terre.) And, other times, they’re pronounced. Just look at global beauty routines. The way a certain area of the world approaches the art of looking good can change greatly from one passport stamp to the next.
While Americans may think they know their beauty, anyone who’s ever witnessed the detailed skin-care program of a gal from Korea knows there’s, um, always room for improvement. Read on to discover the many, many ways women around the globe are light-years ahead of us in the States when it comes to taking care of their skin — and then steal some of their secrets. From Finland to Japan, here's how girls around the world get gorgeous.

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