Instant Face Masks For Instantly Better Skin?

Like many of you, we tend to get a little impatient when it comes to waiting for results from our beauty treatments. We know the best things in life take time, but when skin is in question, we want to see progress now. Forget "slow and steady wins the race."
That's why we've been so intrigued by the new "instant" masks. These potions boast visible results in 10 minutes or less — one tube is even touted as a "one-minute facial." Could our favorite skin-care brands be wising up to the fact that we're as impatient as little kids on their birthdays?
To see if these are the real deal or plain ol' malarky, we took them for test-drives. Four members of our team slathered on different instant masks — and the outcomes were across the board. Click through to see if these beauty quickies are worth their salt.

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