Ina Garten Just Shared Some Genius Flower Arranging Tips

Photo: Gregory Pace/BEI/REX/Shutterstock.
Ina Garten is a domestic goddess who walks among us mere mortals. Garten also happens to be a generous soul who is always willing to share tips, tricks, and advices. With her help, we can harness some of the Food Network star's divine power to impress our friends and ourselves with expert additions to our dining room and kitchen tables. Most recently, it wasn't a roast chicken or lasagna that Garten shared knowledge of. Instead, in an Instagram photo shared late last week, she explained how to arrange a bouquet of flowers that would be the perfect accent to any table.
Garten recently posted a photo of a vase full of gorgeous hydrangeas in a few different shades. In the photo's caption, the cookbook author included several tips for how she makes her floral arrangements stand out. Even in her infinite wisdom of all the domestic arts, Garten admits in the caption that mixed bouquets are "hard to get right" so she offers an alternative approach. "I often choose one kind of flower but in lots of different colors. Based on the beauty of the bouquet in the photo, clearly this technique works well. It's also one that florist to the stars, Jeff Leatham, employs in his many over-the-top flower sculptures that the Kardashian-Jenners are constantly sending to one another.

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In addition to her same flower, different colors trick, Garten also shares what she calls her flower arranging "secret." The Barefoot Contessa writes, "My secret is to follow the rule of odd numbers: three or five of each color always looks best. (I can't explain it, but it really works!)" Even if she can't put into words what makes the three or five method so effective, we trust Garten on this. Like we said, she's a natural in all domestic realms so why wouldn't we take her advice?