I Love My… Scout Willis’ Holy Hole-y T-Shirt

Scout Willis is a sophomore at Brown University.
"This shirt I am wearing is one of my absolute favorite articles of clothing. I have told many friends before that, if god forbid, I was ever to be in a fire, I would grab this shirt before any other of my clothes.

"For years, I searched for the perfect simple, white T-shirt. I scoured flea markets, vintage stores, and boys' rooms to look for it. Then, At the Rosebowl Flea Market, I happened across this shirt—brandless, tissue-thin, and already riddled with holes. I haven't been able to stop wearing it since then, and it comes absolutely everywhere with me...to Israel last summer (where I had to sew the collar back on with blue thread), to school on the East Coast, and back home in L.A. (where I had to sew the massive, gaping holes in the armpits and embroidered little designs with red thread). I am in love with this shirt because I know
that it will only get better the more I wear it, and as someone who is obsessed with clothes and rarely repeats outfits, it is cool to have one piece that I have worn so much. As the years go on, I am sure it will just get thinner and softer and more full of holes (which I will naturally sew up with red thread)."


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