I Love My… Gold Stuart Weitzman Flats

Jessica Misener is the style editor for Huffington Post Style and has been featured on the Awl, the Hairpin, Thought Catalog, The Gloss and more. She tweets here.
I’m obsessed with two of the tackiest things in the history of style: leopard print and gold.
But wait! Before you fire up your poison-tipped fashion darts, I’ve made it my personal mission to find ways to incorporate these things into my outfits in ways that I hope scream “class” and not “Boca Raton mah-jong tournament.” One of my favorite metallic scores is my beloved Stuart Weitzman gold flats that I nabbed for $50 at a Saks 5th Avenue outlet store in Connecticut. They have a blue lining that has dalmatians on it! I was in love from day one.
Since moving to New York, I’ve become one of those toting-your-heels-in-a-reusable-bag commuters, so rather than break my ankles tottering through the subway station in spiky stilettos, I wear flats — like these — everyday. I wear my gold Weitzmans with black skinnies, I wear them with jeans, I wear them with tights. Recently I’ve been wearing them Urkel-style with socks.
Pointy-toed flats are supposed to be a flagrant man-repeller, right? Well, I wear these things a bunch and I have yet to see dudes ricochet away from them as if propelled by a mysterious anti-flats force. Although, two guys on 14th Street recently skipped a catcall to tell me instead, “Wow, your shoes are really shiny.” Yes. Yes, they are.

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