Morning Java: Designs From Beyond the Grave, Beckham’s Back, and Denim Doubles Up

alicedelal_amlinks071508Susie Bubble stares too long at Timothy James Andrews' dazzling kaleidoscopic dresses and tights—gets a tad dizzy. (Pictured, Style Bubble
Some people think doubling up on denim isn't sophisticated. "Those fules kno nuffin." (Vice)
Props to Jasmine Guiness for wearing her own celebrity fashion line. Now if we could just remember who she is… (Catwalk Queen)
Speaking of celebrity fashion, Marilyn Monroe is launching her first clothing line 46 years after her death. Good for her. (Female First UK)
In other rising from the dead reports, it turns out Victoria Beckham's is not canceled. We'll get her next time. (NYMag)
So now fashion is destroying the environment too. Nothing like a steaming cup of guilt to start off your day. (Wired)
Remember when clip-on sunglasses were for old biddies? Well, that's over. (International Trend Setter)
Greenpoint, say hello to your new vintage source. (Racked)
We love us some seersucker. (We Are the Market)
And we love us some bpmw too. (DNRNews)

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