This Video Shows How Women Really Feel About Masturbation

Illustrated by Anja Slibar.
As we've written before, there's a seemingly infinite number of myths surrounding masturbation. But, probably the most ridiculous is that women don't do it. We know; who would think that? Still, as Mic reports, there continues to be stigma surrounding female self-pleasure. For example, Nisheeth TV had to work pretty hard to find women on the streets of New Delhi who were willing to talk about their masturbation habits. But, the young ladies they did find are refreshingly honest and open about it. When asked if she masturbates, one girl in the video responds, "Yes, everybody does... It's a very basic human need. It's very natural." When the women are asked what their first time was like, their responses range from "It was amazing" to "I was scared" to "I don't even remember." And, when questioned about how often they do it, one woman eagerly answers, "Whenever the mood strikes." Whatever their self-pleasuring style, it's great to see so many women speaking about the topic with such confidence. (Mic)

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