4 Retro Prints You’re NOT Too Young For

Do you ever look back at your parents' old photos — namely the ones featuring perms, bell-bottoms, poofy sleeves, and oversized glasses — and not know whether to cringe or give them major cred? While there's proof that they were onto something with the triumphant return of flares, and there is something undeniably awesome about rocking an out-there look and owning it, it does give us pause: Will we look back at our crop tops and high-waisted culottes and ask ourselves, What were we thinking? The truth is, yes, we will. But then those skeletons in our closets will come back, not to haunt us, but to prove that we, too, were onto something — i.e. this Granny slayed.
Such is the generational fashion cycle and the very reason why one day we're teasing our elders for their throwback sartorial decisions and the next we're throwing 'bows to get the best hand-me-downs from their closets. If there's one thing worth fighting over like a vintage bag or love-worn suede jacket from your mom's (or even grandma's) heyday, it's a piece featuring that rare, period-defining pattern that's actually withstood the test of time. This season, we're trendspotting four such enduring print types that are, of course, new once again. From a loosely interpreted paisley to a folksy floral, we're breaking down the coolest revived prints from bebe's bold fall collection. Click through for tips on how to wear these iconic looks in the most modern, undated way, and get ready to psych out any youngins looking back at your old social feed in 2050.

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