How To Tie This Season’s On-Trend Scarves

If you Google it, YouTube it, or even search in our own history, you'll see that there are upwards of a gazillion ways (give or take) to tie a scarf. Some require the dexterity of an octopus with the nimble hands of a small child, and others call for folds and tucks so complicated, they make origami swans look like no big deal. Here's the thing about scarves: They're supposed to be functional. And, if putting one on takes more time than you're actually spending out in the cold, then you're doing it wrong.
The best kinds of tying styles are easy enough to do without a mirror, fool-proof enough to look good no matter how haphazardly accomplished, and specific enough to show off your scarf's signature details. Just as there's a rainbow of different scarves on the racks, there are myriad ways to tie them — learn how to execute a few of our favorites, right this way.

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