Your Instagram Is About To Become A Must-Follow

Gone are the days when mind-blowing photography was left to the likes of Irving Penn and Annie Leibovitz — camera phones have made everyone a self-published photog. But, there is an art to taking a cell-phone pic that really wows your Instagram followers. Luckily, it doesn't involve an MFA, as Nashville shutterbug Emily Blincoe proves snap by snap.
The talent and care that go into Blincoe's playful photographs is crystal clear, so it might surprise you to find out she didn't start shooting until her 20s. "My younger brother — who was so into film photography he turned our laundry room into a darkroom — bought me a camera and tried to teach me all about it," she says. "It didn't stick until a few years later, when simply documenting my life turned into obsessively photographing everything around me. I spent a long time taking terrible photos, but I stuck with it every day until I had it down."
Her persistence paid off. Last year, Blincoe was able to quit her job to pursue photography full-time. We asked her to share some of the tips she's picked up over the years and had her put them in action using the LG G3, with its laser autofocus camera. From using your phone to shoot still lifes to capturing candid moments other cameras couldn't, follow Blincoe's lead for an eye-catching feed — just don't blame us when your phone starts blowing up with Likes.

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