7 Preventative Measures To Make Your Clothes Last Forever

If you’re reading this, you've likely put a lot of money, time, and thought into your clothes. You've painstakingly chosen this dress over that one, tried to fit shoes into your budget and then thrown caution to the wind to spend half a paycheck on a silk cami, or otherwise maxed out your credit card in order to achieve a certain look. And why not? You get dressed every day, so it might as well feel special and beautiful. Here's the thing: When you put so many resources into your wardrobe, you should spend just as much time and effort on its preservation. If you love something, don't treat it casually.
We spoke to Melanie Charlton, founder of Clos-ette, about preventative measures we can take from the outset to keep our clothes in as-close-to-new-as-possible condition for, if we’re lucky, a lifetime of wear. It is possible to keep clothes looking fresh, and to give them a longer lifespan than you ever could have imagined, but it means no crumpled piles of balled-up fabric on the floor. Here are seven things you can do to keep your precious clothing collection in the divine shape it deserves

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