How To Wear One Dress To ALL Of Your Holiday Parties

Face it: If you actually tried to get an entirely new, head-to-toe ensemble for every single holiday party, gift exchange, potluck, or other family-and-friends gathering this holiday season, your head would be spinning (and your wallet would be thinning). Sure, it's fun to get dressed up and no one likes to be a widely known outfit repeater. But if you happen to land on the right dress, we're betting you can wear it for all your holiday plans this year. More specifically: get a slip dress.
This isn't a new trend — we've seen slip dresses slowly, but surely, infiltrate every fast-fashion and contemporary brand's New Arrivals pages over the last year or so. ('90s nostalgia, much?) But if you've let this garment fall to the wayside after trying it for yourself this year, there's no better time to break it back out than holiday-party season. It's the perfect blank canvas for a variety of styling and if you can wear it five different ways, you can wear it 25 different ways — we promise.
To get your gears turning, we put together five totally unique looks for five completely different holiday affairs, all using one classic, red silk slip from Venice Beach-based designer Lily Ashwell. So before you stress out over what you're wearing to all those events you've RSVP'd yes to already, consider investing in one sleek dress you can get away with wearing to all of them — paired with pieces you already have — without anyone even noticing.
Don't believe us? Click on to see how it's done.

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