20 Pro-Move Thrift Tips For Your Biggest Scores, Ever

To the initiated, thrifting is a sport. In fact, in some cases — like those involving a perfect suede trench that just got red-tagged — it's a head-to-head encounter and even a test of friendship, endurance and will power. Despite all the brutal conditions on the field (lack of air conditioning, lack of organized racks, lack of budget, to name a few), there are some must-know tips that'll give any store-goer a leg up on the healthy competition.
Having made the rounds of used-clothing racks once or twice ourselves, we spearheaded the ultimate guide to thrifting. These tips were compiled from our own years of hardcore practice and those of our fellow storied-clothing enthusiasts. Simply put: These 20 practical and user-friendly rules are the ticket to your next big vintage scores. Why are we giving away our playbook, you might ask? Well, let's just say we're going in confident.
Flip through ahead to find the best thrifting tips and, if you think we missed something, leave yours in the comments below. On the playing field of fashion it's all for one and one for all, after all.

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