How To Be A New Yorker For Dummies

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As you might have noticed, being a tourist in NYC can be tough. For those of you who love to travel but want to get a leg up on the local culture so as to not stick out like a fanny-packed thumb, the new site (How Not To Be A Tourist) will give you the low-down on how the locals look, act, and live. You might think that this is frivolous or even discriminatory (tourists are people too, after all), but looking and acting like a local means you won't get ripped off in taxis, you'll get the best insider secrets on where to roam, and you might even make a few new friends. Although right now the site only focuses on New York, London, Singapore, and Paris (with Sydney in the works), all of the content is user-driven and comes straight from city natives, so you can be sure the advice is sound. Think you know your way around any (or all!) of these cities? Email the site at with your own tips and advice so tourists and natives can maybe live in peace once and for all.