Boost Your Body Confidence With These Science-Backed Tips

Illustrated by Marina Esmeraldo.
The vast majority of women in the U.S. aren't happy with their weight. But that doesn't mean losing weight is always the solution. Instead, a new infographic from happiness-app makers Happify offers us some much-needed tips for increasing our body confidence. R29's own Take Back The Beach survey revealed that 80% of millennial women actually avoid certain activities because they feel self-conscious of their bodies. This self-consciousness fuels an interest in diets (one in 10 of us has been on at least 15 different ones), which often only help in the short-term, if at all. So, what actually helps us feel better about ourselves? No matter your size or your weight goals, shifting the focus to "being healthy" rather than "being thin" leads to better long-term outcomes for your body and mind. For instance, people who exercise regularly tend to feel better about and more satisfied with their appearance — regardless of their weight. If you need an easy way to up your daily activity levels, try setting some goals with a tracker of your choice. Or, check out our 30-day push-up challenge. Once you've mastered that, challenge yourself by adding another two push-ups to your routine every week. Get ready to bring in the feel-good vibes this weekend with the infographic below — full of Happify's science-based tips.

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