How To Hack Your Morning Dressing Routine

Feeling like you're well prepared for the day actually helps you have a better day, which makes taking that time and care in the morning a rewarding thing. But — let's speak candidly here — you know what feels more rewarding than that? Getting five more minutes of sleep. If you're the type to rise with the sun, brew your own matcha, and iron your clothes before you head out the door, get out of here. You don't need us. This is for the procrastinators who would rather get the most out of their rushed morning routine in order to snag those precious minutes under the covers.
Here's the thing, saving time in morning means rethinking how you organize your closet and pick out your outfits. The tips ahead might feel like a lot to change all for the sake of speed, but just try it. Once you've gotten a handle on your morning madness — and some more sleep — it'll all be worth it.

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