5 Steps To Getting Over Your Crush

Illustrated by Natalia Spotts.
When most of us think of the word "crush," we're transported back to middle school. Crushes feel juvenile, with the giggling and the doodling your beloved's initials in notebooks. But, unfortunately, crushes don't just stop once you've graduated. Your infatuation may look different (there's probably no more doodling), but unrequited lust can follow you into your adult years, too.
And adult crushes, you could argue, are even more hardcore. Depending on your life goals, you might be fantasizing about marriage and babies with your crush (plus, probably some mind-blowing sex, let's be honest). Admiring the object of your affection from afar can be fun and all, but step one is to muster your bravery and find out if they could like you back.
But maybe it turns out that your crush doesn't feel the same way, or maybe they were never available in the first place — so now is the time to start moving on. You don't want to spend valuable time and emotional energy on the wrong person. The best option is to get over your crush and realize how many beautiful, interesting, and available people you could be dating instead.
But how do you just get over a crush? Letting go of your lust for a person isn't as easy as saying you're done and moving on. Getting over your crush for good will take some work, but you can do it — start with the five tips below.

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