The Fashion Rules That Aren’t Relevant Anymore

We'll be the first to admit that Refinery29 is a pretty strange place to work as far as clothing is concerned. We think a creative, adventurous outfit is a sign of a creative, adventurous person, and not an unprofessional one. We think that wearing something no one else is wearing is a thing worthwhile of praise, and conversely, if you don't care about your clothes (which some people here don't!), that's just fine, too. Pretty much anything goes here, and once you've had a taste of that kind of freedom, it can be hard to accept anything else.
Maybe that's why we have so little patience for fashion rules. Anything that stifles, or assumes that we all want to look the same way — it's like, can we just live? Especially during this week when most fashion publications are putting out their September issues chock full of the rules and guidelines they're living by for the next year, we'd rather celebrate individuality and personal choices than a set of "approved" trends — especially not those old-as-dust fashion rules we grew up hearing about. To kick off our second annual F*ck The Fashion Rules week, we had 29 Refinery29 staffers, both past and present, talk about the fashion rules they love to ignore.

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