Live In A Crazy-Humid City? 5 Women Share Their Beauty Tips

In case you haven't stepped outside recently, we'd like to let you know that the dog days of summer are upon us. This is evidenced by the mascara running down our faces and the hairstyles we've so carefully sprayed into place flopping the minute we leave the house. Humidity is a total bitch — especially when it comes to our beauty routines.
But some ladies seem immune to the suffocating moisture in the air — and no, they don't wield some magical power that makes their hair and makeup stronger than ours. Instead, they rely on heady cocktails of products and tricks that keep 'em looking coiffed and perfect, 24/7. What are their secrets? We decided to find out.
Ahead, five women from some of the United States' most humid cities share their tips for staying dry (and shine-free), even when the humidity rises above 90%. With their advice, your look will never melt into a pile of goo again — even on a subway platform.

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