How To Make A Zit Disappear — Oooh Magic!

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
As a rule, perfect skin is not easy to craft. Unless you were born with poreless, dewy, smooth, clear, soft skin (in which case, screw you), you need to spend a lot of time mastering just the right combination of products to create the complexion of your dreams. And of course, just when you've got that perfect ratio of foundation to highlighter to powder, a big honking zit brews up on your chin and no amount of concealer will make that thing look like anything less than a bullseye on your face.
By nature, pimples are a giant pain in the ass. In addition to being red, sore, and inflamed, they create myriad hurdles that your makeup can't seem to conquer. Redness that won't tone down, protruding lesions that refuse to flatten out, lingering scars, flaky scabs — there really is nothing more engineered to break our makeup spirits quite like pimples.
And whether you believe it or not, we're ALL susceptible to them — yes, even models and A-list celebs. The difference is, when they've got a fat one on their face, their makeup pros know all of the clever tricks to hide, flatten, moisturize, and make that pimple look like it never even existed.
Well, shouldn't we all have the tools to tame the acne beast? We don't see any reason why not, which is why we went to the very same pros to find out all the sneaky hacks and tips they have for covering up blemishes into obscurity. Read on for their secrets and to find out what they stock in their skin-emergency tool kit.

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