THIS Is Exactly How You Apply Bronzer, Blush, & Highlighter

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
Sometimes the basics can be the hardest to get right. Factor in myriad product options — in an almost-infinite number of shades and finishes — and you have a serious challenge for even the most seasoned beauty pro. But fret not: We’re here to help! We’re breaking down the beauty basics to make it easy to create a flawless, customized look of your own. Welcome to Beauty 101.

Everyone wants to put their best face forward. However, with the rise of Instagram and Snapchat — and the filters that make skin look so smooth, radiant, and defined that it's nearly superhuman — the pressure seems to be mounting. For many, everyday beauty looks have become far more detailed, going well beyond just a little foundation and concealer used to even out skin tone.
It's the era of contouring and highlighting — but given the speed at which these beauty trends have taken off, it's easy to feel a little left behind. With all the contour palettes, strobing products (or are we still calling it highlighting?), and blushes in every shade under the sun, it's easy to feel overwhelmed — especially if you’re unsure of how to use them.
Never fear, because we're breaking down the basics of contour, bronzer, blush, and highlighter in the slides ahead. As always, you won't find strict rules ahead; instead these are simply pro tricks that work for us — and a great place to start your exploration of the subject. Remember: Even makeup artists develop their own techniques through trial and error, so these “rules” are more like tips and tricks to get your look going before you add your own unique take.
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