Your Simple, Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Rid Of Dark Eye Circles

Filed under “most annoying beauty issues” (right next to smudged manicures and visible pores) is the ever-frustrating matter of dark undereye circles. While it’s best to consider the root of the problem when coming up with a long-term strategy — dehydration, allergies, and lack of sleep are just a few culprits — sometimes a girl needs a quick fix. For an expert take on how to get rid of dark circles in a snap, I caught up with the very talented professional makeup artist Ashley Rebecca for her step-by-step solution.

Before you reach for your concealer, take a second to prep your skin. “You should always start with a good eye cream to hydrate, preferably one that has a brightening component to it as well to add instant radiance to the skin,” Ashley suggests.

If you’re dealing with dark circles and puffy eyes, "the quickest and most efficient way to get rid of undereye puffiness is to use a cooling gel eye serum and apply liberally first thing in the morning," says Ashley. "This will help shrink the puffiness down to almost nothing before applying your cream and concealer.”

Choose The Right Product
If you’re battling seriously dark circles, consider color-correcting concealers. "They can really come in handy for helping to diffuse dark circles and bruising under the eye area," Ashley advises. "Depending on the skin tone, you can use a few different shades. My go-to colors are pink-toned correctors for fair skin and peach correctors for medium to dark skin. Most people are intimidated by using these colors, but when blended with your everyday concealer, you can't see the pink or peach tones, and they really work."

“I constantly use Giorgio Armani Master Corrector, and I am obsessed with NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I have all of the shades, and a little bit goes a long way,” Ashley says.
Also, be sure to choose the right shade for your skin tone. "Most people think the lighter the shade of concealer, the brighter it will look under the eyes," says Ashley. "But, applying a much lighter shade of concealer than your skin tone can actually backfire and cause the skin to look ashy versus natural. You want to go a smidge lighter on the concealer tone for under the eyes, but make sure it still blends with your natural skin tone, so it looks seamless."

Apply Like A Pro
After your cream has set, Ashley recommends applying your corrector and concealer, lightly blending until you get the desired coverage you want. “You can use a foundation brush, Beautyblender sponge, or your fingers to blend concealer under the eyes.”

Finally, remember that a little goes a long way. Ashley explains: “When concealer starts to cake, or looks heavy under the eyes, it can actually make you look more tired and becomes noticeable. Blending little by little is best, until you get just the right amount of coverage.”
See ya later, dark circles!
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