How Not To Be A Jerk At The Makeup Counter

Sure, we've all encountered beauty bullies, but for every pushy, overbearing sales associate there are many more pleasant professionals out there. And the lovely ladies and gentlemen standing behind makeup counters laden with lipsticks, blushes, and foundations put up with a lot of crap. People demanding free shit! Gratis makeovers for freeloading brides! Indecisive, yet hard-to-please types! No matter how much a makeup artist may love her job, a few bad-apple customers can tax even the most patient of personalities.
So how do you make sure you're not inadvertently breaching beauty etiquette? Here, two seasoned pros present you with five ways to make the counter peeps' lives more pleasant and have an awesome experience yourself. To sum it up: For the love of beauty, be cool.
Read on to learn how to shop for makeup without making someone's life a living hell.

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