Sneaky Concealer Tricks To Fake A Flawless Face

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Most of us could do it with our eyes closed at this point: A few carefully curated sweeps of concealer beneath the eyes and dots atop any blemishes and we march confidently into the world sans purple circles and angry, red blemishes. But, you might want to reconsider stopping there. According to Regan Rabanal, a MAC senior artist, “The brighter tone under the eyes needs to be balanced by the rest of the face.”
And, that’s where your trusty concealer comes back into play. Redness can occur in various other zones of your visage as a result of anything from mild rosacea to hormonal imbalances and even spicy food. By applying the right concealer to areas like your nostrils and beneath your lips, you can actually make yourself look more glowy and awake than you would if you just applied it under your eyes and on blemishes. That's a bonus if we ever heard one.
Click through to check out some of our favorite concealers for four oft-overlooked facial features.
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Around The Brows
This pencil — dubbed a highlighter but truly a concealer, in our book — makes combating darkness as easy as coloring. Use the precise tip to trace around each brow, and blend into the skin with your finger — it melts in like butter. Instantly, hormonal redness is no longer, and your brows suddenly look much more shapely.
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Apply this brightening concealer in small strokes above and below the brows to cover redness and illuminate the skin. The best perk? The glow of this product distracts from stray hairs, meaning you can go an extra day or two without plucking your brows.
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The Nostrils
Especially if you’re recovering from a cold or dealing with those dreaded seasonal allergies, this area can get super dry. Soothe chapped skin while disguising irritation with this concealer, which contains moisturizing vitamin E and provides a layer of protection. It’s best applied with a brush for more precision around the hard lines of the nostrils.
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With ginseng, vitamin E, and chamomile, Covergirl’s concealer packs a lot of moisture into one tube. Use the tip to get into the nostrils’ creases and the flat side to cover the larger areas surrounding them.
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The Bridge of the Nose
Covering your beak is a bit of a toughie; it can be hard to find a product that will seamlessly mask pores without turning cakey at the first sign of sweat. That’s why MAC’s potted concealer is a lifesaver. Pores go undercover all day long, yet the formula is creamy enough to be fully absorbed into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. The SPF is just a bonus.
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Who ever thought such a perfect product would only cost $3? Use the concealer side to expertly cover the pores, and layer the highlighter on top to make the area glow.
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Beneath the Lips
You know the rounded part of your chin? Apply your concealer to the left and right of this area, directly underneath the outer corners of your lips, and you might not even recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. And, this is the perfect candidate for the job: “This particular formula adds a boost of radiance to your complexion while blurring out any imperfections,” says Niko Lopez, NARS national makeup stylist.
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Photo Courtesy of Ulta.
We love the brush on this cheapie concealer — it's ideal for the chin’s rounded terrain. Sure, it may only come in five shades, but don’t fret: The blendable liquid adapts to your individual skin tone. It also doesn’t budge, a key feature for an area that’s gotta stay covered through happy hour.
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