Sneaky Concealer Tricks To Fake A Flawless Face

Most of us could do it with our eyes closed at this point: A few carefully curated sweeps of concealer beneath the eyes and dots atop any blemishes and we march confidently into the world sans purple circles and angry, red blemishes. But, you might want to reconsider stopping there. According to Regan Rabanal, a MAC senior artist, “The brighter tone under the eyes needs to be balanced by the rest of the face.”
And, that’s where your trusty concealer comes back into play. Redness can occur in various other zones of your visage as a result of anything from mild rosacea to hormonal imbalances and even spicy food. By applying the right concealer to areas like your nostrils and beneath your lips, you can actually make yourself look more glowy and awake than you would if you just applied it under your eyes and on blemishes. That's a bonus if we ever heard one.
Click through to check out some of our favorite concealers for four oft-overlooked facial features.

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