How Kylie Jenner Takes Her Perfect Selfies

Kylie Jenner just passed the 60-million mark on Instagram. Her celebrity helps (a lot), of course, but the content and quality of her pictures still have to be decent for her to amass such a tremendous following. And one of Kylie's biggest Instagram strengths is her selfie game.
At once befuddling and mesmerizing, Kylie's selfies are a thing of wonder. She bends and breaks the rules of photography to her will, amassing Instagram success with a flippant disregard for compositional tradition. Perhaps she learned her 'grammabilities from older sis Kim. Or perhaps, like a dedicated Olympian athlete, she's simply honed her craft with hours upon hours of work.
Regardless, one thing's for sure: We can learn a thing or two from King Kylie's selfies. We spoke with Megan Ann Harmon, director of content at PicsArt, to learn what makes Kylie's selfies just work. So if you too want to show your best face to the world, here are five tricks we learned from this selfie queen.
This piece originally ran May 6, 2016.

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