5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 06 2010

Waris Ahuluwalia, the jewelry designer behind House of Waris, is opening a pop-up tea shop underneath the highline in the Meatpacking District from October 7th through the 17th. Makes sense considering he was in The Darjeeling Limited. (Elle)
NYC boutique No. 6 and Urban Outfitters are launching the 6x6 collection, available in Urban Outfitter's around the country. Non-New Yorkers, rejoice! (Teen Vogue)
Bruce Willis wore a raw meat toupée on Letterman last night. 10 bucks this will be the Halloween costume. (Stylelist)
Jill Sander's second collection for Uniqlo drops Thursday...and we'll definitely be taking a long lunch hour. (The Cut)
Speaking of our favorite high-street chains, Rihanna apparently spent 8 hours shopping in Topshop this weekend, wearing a tutu, white athletic socks, and pointy toed heels. We really hope she picked up a new outfit. (Fashion Indie)